Wellness Treatments

Caroline Locker
Caroline Locker

We offer a range of long-lasting treatments that strengthen the equilibrium between body, mind and spirit, ensuring you can find absolute peace in and around yourself, and leave the everyday stresses of life behind you. Why not enjoy the forest view while relaxing on the wildflower meadow? Our Spa Manager and qualified non-medical practitioner Caroline Locker offers a wide range of homoeopathic treatments at her own practice, in addition to her work at the ‘Bayrisches Haus’ hotel. Her ultimate goal is to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit in her patients as part of a broadly holistic treatment approach.
We recommend making your reservation early, in order to achieve all your desired treatment outcomes.



To make your treatment as comfortable as possible, we ask you to arrive at our reception in the wellness area about 5-10 minutes before the beginning of your application. You will be picked up by our staff for treatment and accompanied to your application. For these we recommend comfortable clothes or bathrobe.

Part body massage

Ideal for treating muscle tension in the neck and back area, or for overstrained leg muscles. Delivers a caring and relaxing sensation.

Foot reflexology massage

This treatment mobilises the body's own reserves and increases your vitality, while also being wonderfully relaxing and invigorating.

Head, neck and facial massage (Mukabhyanga)

This helps to eliminate muscle tension in and around the head. Ideal for migraine sufferers and other sources of tension in the head area. The elasticity of your facial skin is also improved, and the body's metabolism is stimulated.

Foot massage (Padabhyanga)

With the Padabhyanga your foot, calf, knee and thigh areas are gently massaged with warm oil. The massage is particularly recommendable for individuals suffering from a nervous disposition or insomnia.

Silk glove massage (Garshan)

The entire body is evenly massaged with the help of raw silk gloves. The body's metabolism is activated, effectively counteracting fatigue and a general sense of imbalance.

Manual lymphatic drainage

The lymph system is vital to the body given that it collects metabolites, bacteria and other foreign bodies, which have to be excreted. Drainage ensures that blocked lymph vessels are stimulated, allowing for excess tissue fluid and toxic substances to be dispersed.

Hot Stone Massage

Energy and harmony with warming volcanic stones. Based on Hawaiian tradition and in harmony with the latest massage technology, up to 40 stones of varying sizes are placed on the body’s energy spots.

Natural peat packing

Thanks to the intense warmth released from the packing, the body's circulation is stimulated, alleviating muscular tension and joint aches.

Algae detoxification packing

The packing increases the skin’s vigour, provides moisture and helps increase tissue tension. It also has a positive effect on the body's immune system and contains numerous health promoting properties.

Sea salt peeling

The peeling lends the skin a soft, supple feeling, while also ensuring its optimal preparation for a body mask in our hanging lounger.

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